A short history : Started as an Art Director at Asatsu DIK Malaysia, but his advertising career really flies when he moved to Taipei, where he worked for FCB Taiwan and Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan. He spent 5 years in Taipei and become one of the best awarded Art Director in Taiwan. He is also famous for his appearance as a key talent in Motorola TVC. He then decided to take a bigger challenge in China and joined BBDO Shanghai in 2004.    He is a die-hard Reds (Liverpool fan), and still dreaming to go to Anfield for his honeymoon holidays. Clients I have worked on: Visa, Gillette, Jeep, Pepsi Beverage, Lay’s, Nike, GSK, Uni-President, Kotex,Sony Walkman, Compaq… The one ad I am proudest to have worked on: Visa vs Cash Campaign The one ad/campaign I wish I had worked on: FIFA World Cup so I can get a free ticket. The best piece of advice I have ever received: you should take a break What word or saying do I use/overuse the most? “…..”